Akash is backstabbed by Puneesh; breaks down


It is said that ‘A Friend in need, is a friend indeed’ – and today Bigg Boss 11 contestants will experience this first hand. It is time for gharwale to see a change in leadership as this week’s Captaincy Task is on the anvil. Based on the Bigg Boss Court task, all contestants have to pick 5 of the best performers and nominate them for the Captain’s position.
After much deliberation and voting, it is decided that Hiten, Arshi, Shilpa, Vikas and Akash will be the contenders for the upcoming task. As Hiten reads out the rules, it is revealed that posters of the chosen 5 are put up in the lawn area. With the sound of the gong, the remaining contestants have to race to the podium. The first one to reach grabs a bottle of spray paint and gets the chance to eliminate 1 person from the roster, by spray painting on the poster. This happens 5 times.
Shilpa shows a new side to her persona and starts strategizing about who to pick as the next captain. Tensions run high as, one by one, the contestants play their part! Luv is the first one to reach the spot and removes Vikas from the running. Priyank goes next and decides to eliminate Arshi from the list.
Puneesh, who has been asked by Shilpa to play by her rules, is conflicted and caught wondering if he should stick by his friend Akash or play the game for his own benefit. He foregoes his turn, leaving Hina to grab the opportunity. She eliminates Akash stating that he betrayed her as a friend. Akash, who was banking on this week’s captaincy does not take this too well and has a complete meltdown. Extremely aggressive and angry, Akash states that there is no real friendship in the Bigg Boss House. Shilpa and Arshi try their best to pacify him, but he feels betrayed by his friend Puneesh and lashes out against everyone in the house. Out of control and inconsolable, Akash now decides to play his own game!

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