Bigg Boss 11: These 3 go in the Kaal Kothari this week


This week TV bahu Hina Khan has been crowned as the captain of the house and drama hasn’t even stopped for a bit since then. The glass walled house has seen everything under the captaincy of Hina Khan. Be it the dirty luxury task or her infamous brawl with the so-called rapper Akash Dadlani, Hina has been in the limelight since then.
As the viewers have already seen too much drama in the house, it’s time for Khan’s big decision as a captain. One of captain’s biggest power and responsibility is to send someone in the underground jail aka the Kaal Kothari.
This week the Kaal Kothari has some surprising and some not so surprising visitors. Hina as everyone would have guessed by now has sent her nemesis Akash and Arshi in the jail. But to everyone’s surprise, Hina also punished Dhinchak Pooja for the imprisonment. Well sounds like Hina just made another enemy.
Now, all we can do is wait for the episode when Akash and Dhinchak Pooja would be accompanied by Arshi in the jail. This would be the most interesting trio to be in the jail.
The reality show is in its fourth week and the game is getting dirtier day by day. We have also heard that Priyank would be entering the house anytime soon, by the end of this week.

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