Hina is a low class woman, says Arshi Khan on Bigg Boss


The viewers of the notorious reality show on colors called Bigg Boss is seeing a constant proliferation in the hatred for contestant Hina Khan. In a sneak peek video uploaded on the show’s official Twitter handle we see Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde grumbling about their ‘favorite’ contestant Hina Khan!
Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde are thick as thieves so much so that they share the same opinions about co-contestant Hina Khan. The conversation starts as Arshi and Shilpa are lounging in the bedroom area of the house.
Shilpa is seen telling Arshi, when she mentioned to Hina that she has an open closet at home, the former could feel that the latter was beyond jealous. Hearing this, Arshi exclaimed that Hina is insecure and that she is a low-class woman.
Shilpa further adds that Hina only pretends to work in the kitchen while she leaves the entire area dirty in her wake. Arshi added more fuel to the fire saying, Hina has learned no manners or how to behave in all these years that she has been working.
Shilpa for some unknown reason is seen teary-eyed. Whilst Arshi says that Hina is as good as the women who fight on the roadside with each other. As the two women hug Arshi says that they are each other’s strength in the house.

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