Kanwar Dhillon is dating his Ek Astha Aisi Bhee co-star Palak Purswani?


Mumbai: Telly land’s eligible bachelor Kanwar Dhillon has been time and again linked with his co-stars. Initially the hot lad was linked with his Do Dil Ek Jaan (2013) co-star Shritama Mukherjee. Later, there were reports of him dating late Pratyusha Banerjee, with whom he did Hum Hain Na (2014). The latest rumour in the industry is Kanwar’s closeness with his yet another co-star Palak Purswani.

According to a source close to one of the actors, Kanwar and Palak are currently seeing each other for six months now. The duo met each other on the sets of Star Plus’ Ek Astha Aisi Bhee (2017). Amusingly, the duo disliked each other when they first met. “Both of them are strong headed so they never gelled together,” a little birdie explains. However just like a Hindi rom-com, their love story was about to take a sweet turn. Kanwar and Palak, once foes, slowly and steadily started gelling and became close friends. An eye-witness revealed Palak was out from the daily for around two months and when she came back “They realized the importance of each other in their lives.”

Palak, a non-Mumbaikar, found a family in Kanwar. It was on her birthday in August when their friendship escalated to another level. They started going out with each other and are in a strong relationship since six months. business cash sources have also seen them going out together. Nevertheless, the lovebirds apparently, plan to keep their relationship under wraps and not come out officially.

Furthermore, Palak, an ex-Splitsvilla contestant, has also met Kanwar’s family. And Kanwar has met her mother on the sets of the afternoon daily. However, this doesn’t mean that they are planning to take their relationship to another level. “Things are just in the initial stages,” a little birdie revealed.

Kanwar, 24, who made his debut with the second season of Na Bole Tum Na Mene Kuch Kaha (2013), refuted the news. “If I love someone, I will talk about it in front of the whole world,” he further adds, “Just because we go out, that doesn’t mean we are dating, one can also go out with friends.”

On the other hand, the beautiful Palak, who is currently seen in &tv’s Meri Haanikarak Biwi (2017), also denied the rumours. “He is like family to me. I look up to him as an inspiration since he is senior to me. We share a good bond and I look up to him. He is a very dear friend and that’s it.”

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Dating or not, business cash wishes Kanwar and Palak a blissful life and future ahead.

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