Naina to get upset with Sameer over a KISS in Yeh Un Dino


Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai is currently seeing the love saga of Romeo-Juliet in a theatrical play, wherein Sameer played by Randeep Raii is enacting Romeo. The viewers of the 90s’ based love story have seen Naina (Ashi Singh) getting upset with Sameer. Now, in the coming episodes something similar is going to happen.
heard from a credible source, in the upcoming track Naina will be displeased with Sameer. In the Romeo Juliet play, Romeo kisses Juliet in the end. However in the series the audiences have already seen that Sameer is playing Romeo and on the contrary Naina is not playing Juliet.
According to the sequence of events in the play, Romeo kisses Juliet in the end, which is why Sameer too has to kiss the girl playing Juliet in the play and so he does. This doesn’t go down wellConsequently, Naina will be annoyed with Sameer. She will stop talking to him and will forbid indulging in any kind of communication with him. “She’ll accept that she is over him and she doesn’t care about Sameer henceforth,” a source explained.
However it won’t be long before Sameer charms his way into the lady’s heart and wins her back.
Isn’t it cute? with the naive school girl.

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