And TV's 'Gangaa' to witness an unanticipated RE-ENTRY!


The actor is back on the show again with a new motive.

One of And TV’s prime shows, ‘Gangaa’ has been going through various developments in recent times where one of the major re-entries happening with Ruhanna Khanna re-entering the show, however in a different role.

And keeping that trend going on, the show is set to repeat the same, once again. Yes! According to a leading news daily, the show is all set to witness the re-entry of actor Deepak Wadhwa, who exited the show a few months back.

The actor portrayed the character of Rudra and he will soon be re-entering the show for an important motive. His character’s re entry in the show will be with the purpose of clearing the air of misunderstandings between the lead characters, Gangaa (Aditi Sharma) and Sagar (Vishal Vashishtha).

The on-going misunderstanding between Gangaa and Sagar will be soon sorted, courtesy the re-entry of Rudra.

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