Yeh Hai Mohabbatein written update, May 17, 2017: Raman fights with Ishita for spoiling his cocktail party


Raman is in his room since he has an eye disease and is sitting tight for the kid pack to come up for the mixed drink party. He rings Ishita who doesn’t get his telephone, he then calls Bala and Mani just to realize that their telephones are turned off.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein composed refresh, May 16, 2017 : Ishita doesn’t let the young men have mixed drink party

Then again, Aaliya tastes the gulab jamun made by Adi for her and she acknowledges him. Adi additionally needs to attempt them yet she stops him and discloses to him that she cherished the exertion he took for her.

Raman gets furious understanding Ishita’s arrangement and surges ground floor and yells at Ishita calling her bossy and demolishing their gathering. Shagun gets furious at seeing Raman and requests that he leave since he has conjunctivitis. He pummels his hankerchief on the table and clears out. Ishita likewise reprimands him for this as anybody can get contamination.

On hearing contentions, Adi and Aaliya go ground floor Adi wheezes and tries to wipe his face with Aaliya’s sari yet Shagun stops him. Adi then grabs Raman’s hankerchief which Ishita detracts from him.

An intoxicated Adi awakens his mom Ishita, who is mulling over the couch, discloses to her that he needs to make an admission about something that he has done. He neglects to reveal to her anything and says he simply needs to rest in her lap.

Next morning, Ishita tries to converse with Raman however he doesn’t tune in and leaves the room professing to be occupied over a call.

Ruhi, Adi and Aaliya give Ishita a Mother’s Day amaze by cutting cake.

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